Introduction & About Your Coach, Rolene

Rolene is a transformational coach, Miss World 2014, graduated medical doctor, author, international speaker, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two boys.

Rolene's diverse background laid the foundation for her passion to empower women to become the Feminine, Fearless Females they were born to be. Graduating from medical school, traveling to more than 20 countries during her year as Miss World, and commencing her Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Life Coaching from a leading business school contributed to the knowledge and experience that she will share with you on this journey.

Rolene has encouraged thousands of women around the world to say NO to perfect, comparison, and low self-confidence, and YES to self-worth, courage, happiness, and success.

Rolene is a director of RevitaHealth, a holistic health orientated organization in Paarl, South Africa, and published her best-selling daily devotional Reflections from the Heart in October 2019.

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