3-Day Meditation Series


Discover the power of meditation through Rolene's FREE faith-based 3-day guided meditation series

What to expect from this 3 Day Meditation Series:

👉🏽 If you sometimes doubt God's plan for your life, get negative, talk down on yourself, or if you are feeling tired, exhausted and struggle to get up in the morning then this meditation series is for you.

👉🏽 You will get access to a guided meditation of about 20 minutes each, for 3 days.

👉🏽 Rolene's meditations are faith based and each day has a specific theme.

👉🏽 Possible benefits from including meditation into your daily routine include self-awareness, inner peace, better stress management, increased mental and physical well-being, patience, productivity and more.
"Meditation has become an integral part of my life and has helped me to practice my faith, become more present and productive, rest and recuperate at times when I need it most."

- Rolene Strauss -
Wife, mother, transformational coach, entrepreneur, author, graduated medical doctor and Miss World 2014.